Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Diary; my first entry filled with all that excitment and juicy gosip in my life.

Dear Diary,

( I shall call this blog a DIARY becuase, well, its easier this way)

wow, does a school year go by fast or what?

One of the strangest things so far, is that on the first official day of 8th grade(this year, and may I point out that this website is seriously lacking in 8th graders?)I felt like things were exactly the same as 7th grade. Nothing was very different and my friends and I treated eachother the same as always. Not like I hung out with anyone much anyway. I mean, I'm not a social leper or anything! It's just that the last year...or maybe the last 2 years, I was lagging a little behind socially. BUT, I mean I was still friends with my old friends who (somehow) all became more popular leaving me behind a little less popular. I was still invited to all the parties and stuff though. Last year I started to become more popular again from somehow acting like a wannabe in 6th grade, I'm not sure why I was, but Alas; I was young.
As this year started slow, I ate at my regular Table B as I would call it, although Table B earlier in the year was home to a mix of girls from the popularity rank from about a D+ to a B and I was a B. The ablsolute failing girls sat in the back of the cafeteria alone, well I mean alone with eachother, only 3 or 4 of them actuallly. One of which who used to be my BFF. Now I wouldn't say that I sold out on her as much as i would say that she souldn't keep up with my new found friends. It's was a difficult transition...that happended to happen twice in the years we have known eachother. On the few days I take the yellow bus home with her (I admit that I watch my back for people who might judge me from this) we have an absolute blast laughing up a storm and being completley immature. But theres no room for that at school.
I'll spare you the details on that and skip to later in the year.Oh, but first heres an important fact to help you understand whats happening these days. Princess Giggles* and Madam Stucky* were once best friends in kindergarten all through about the fall of 5th grade of the start of 6th which is when P.G. basically ditched M.S. and me (who became good friends with them in 3rd grade) for more friends. And along the way, Miss Candygram* always used to follow us around but she somehow ended up becoming closer to P.G. and I think it was by following her. I go to a K-8 school which is why everyone is so close and up-and-close in everyone else's business.
This year, M.S. and P.G. became like X again ( by "X" I meant like fingers crossed together. as in, really close) and Madam Stucky went up again to start being rude to me again, even though we're still friends and the two of us have moved up in rank to the B+/A Table. She just wants to impress Princess Giggles so she won't leave her again. P.G. is someone I can always make laugh with my most random stories and funny faces. It's always fun to be at her table in math class. The reason I call our table the "B+/A Table" is because the Most popular guys and girls who I call Super Omegas, though that sounds so very lame, sit in the P.E. teacher's bungalow during lunch and I fear the very sight of them just because even though I'm friends with the A and B+ girls and guys, I'm no match for the Alpha Omegas. I call my popularity "Default Popularity" and I'll leave you to conjer up a reason for that yourself.
Guys.guys. Dudes.Oh, boys boys boys.
If you knew me, you wouldn't call me boy crazy, but I've actually had a couple crushes this year and flirted up about all the guys at school that I'm comfortable talking to. But if you knew me, you wouldn't call me a flirt. Beacuse I'm that good. I really am super subtle with it all, the eye contact, the giggling, cracking small jokes, small shoving, pretending to be arguing, small one-on-one food fights. Yep. I'm pretty good. But I'm soo not a slut. Never been on a date. Never kissed. Sure I know for a fact that several guys at school have liked me, but I've never gone on a date before. I dress almost to the point of preppy-conservative, but not completly covered and and not really loose. With my small figure(I HATE. ) I wear tight clothes alot of the time. But its never reaveling. Truth be told, its because of my acne that I have. It's not an insane amount! But sometimes I get a little crop of zits on my back, chest, and or arms. I had some on my neck before too. not very noticeable, but I felt completly horrible about it.
Anyway. I like Two guys who I'll talk more about later. Lets say ones a super nice Geek and ones about a B+ to an A- like me.
Thats it for now, but before I sign off to go take a shower, heres an inside secret about someone from school:
#1:Madam Stucky? Guess what, she's fake. No no no, not plastic-made-of-rubber-eyes fake, I mean personality wise. Tell her a story when it's you and her One-on-one and she'll tell you whatever you just said is weird and she'll give you a scowl(note that this is only to the equal-or-less-to popularity people) but if you tell her with Princess Giggles by her side? [Who btw ended up being her follower but I have no idea gow it happended, M.S. is always pulling her to her side these days while (Literally!!)pushing me to the side and pretending she totally hates me in a obviously kidding way but still obviously totally rude and I called her out for being rude the other day leaving her speechless.]She'll laugh along side with P.G. who's cracking up like theres no tomorrow. And if a a girl slightly more popular than me tells the story? She'll laugh with her and not with me. Rude much? Yes. Yes very much indeed. Talk about selling out.

Thats all,

* = name change so someone at school doesnt find this diary and beat the stuffings out of me.

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