Friday, February 12, 2010

Why yes, I would like to practice my FRENCH with you this Valentines' Day.

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Dear Diary, ((Forgot to put time started. It's 5:5 PM right now though. 2/12/10.))
And like, whoa again.
I haven't written anything in about 2 months, ain't that a crazy thing? I must be going insane, yes? I guess.
I mean...I guess I know the reason I haven't posted anything new in a while. But to get to this point, we must go through the process step-by-step (please refer to the amazingly sick-in a good way of course-movie full of awesomeness and 0% suckage known as Clue to fully understand my expressions and tone of voice here. By the way, in reality the butler usually does do it but you never know the truth my dear Watson).
Oh. Sorry. I'm a little weird-feely right now. Like I said, not enough blogging can drive a girl to the edge. Just hope the roadblock stops me before it's too late.

So, Step 1 to the madness of no blog posts:
Cut to about one month ago. You see the quaint, quirky, and tasteful little That Girl. She is furiously typing on her laptop. She's writing her own personal story to brush up on writing habits while also at the same time dishing about drama in her life on her blog. (Bonus 50 points for multitasking, baybay)
I started writing a full-length story and managed to dig up enough creative material to fill up 15-ish pages about a girl named Melanie. The suckage? After carefully correcting all the punctuation marks and grammar junk I decided to make myself a cup of hot chocolate.
This single cup of caffeine-infested H20 (I bought the packets of hot coco powder with the ingredient of caffeine randomly added) was my downfall.
My arch-enemy against my high voltage clumsiness if you will.
And I stood no chance.
The sweet and savory liquid kills. Literally. It killed my laptop. And it showed no mercy.
Play Mercy by Duffy. And other soundtracks similar in topic for dramatic (or rather, not dramatic, but quite fitting) effect.
I reached over for the whipped cream.
I loved whipped cream. Until it turned on me. Used my love for it to get it's own way. I mean, you know, if my whipped cream happened to be plotting revenge on me that is.
As I reached across the desk I knocked over an object. Slowly but surely I realized that the object was the entire glass of milk with an added bonus of not 1, but 2 packets of the chocolate caffeine murderer. I was in complete shock and awe. (Wait, awe can be bad right? Usually being in awe of someone is a good I'm just ponderin' a little about it now.)
The whole cup fell on the laptop conveniently located on my lap.

(HA it's a pun. Laptop on my lap. How ironic and punny. PUNNY! HA! It's like "pun" and "funny" put together. Ha-ha.
Hey don't give me that look. I had a rough night sleeping last night, okay buddy?)

And so I stared as my laptop fell on the floor, unplugged it's laptop charger by itself, and got smashed by the cup. As it fell, the screen went blank. Then the horrendous looking scene was enhanced by a sound known to me as despair, it was the computer making it's last sound. The sound it makes when it shuts off. But it didn't come to life this time.
Death of computer was among me. It seeped through the air and I realized...
I. did. not. save. my. story. on. a. nother. computer.
It was nothing but a sad scene marked by a cruel indifference of... some other intimidating word that I can't think of right now.

So. That's what happened first. Then.
Alright I'll just be frank with you. And you can be joe with me. HAHA!
( ...
Okay don't give me that face again. And make sure to not miss any night's sleep. Or you'll be marked by cruel indifference like me. Whatever the h-e-double hockeysticks that's supposed to mean.)

I had no problems to talk about really. I was hanging out with friends and strangely enough -gasp- being quite normal with no drama in particular to talk of.
Until now. Naturally, now things are getting kind of weird.

First off.
I was talking to LB. LightBright, or actually I renamed him Barney right? Okay LBB. LightBrightBarney. There we go, that's perfecion.
So he started talking to me on AIM when I put as my status that I finally got a new laptop. Which, by the way, I obviously did. It's a Windows somein or another.
Back to the topic.
He started to try to flirt with me. Again. (Some things never change, huh?)
LBB was all like "so wat's up with you babe?" to me after we chatted about my laptop for a while. In my head I'm just thinking Ummm.
But what I said was "Oh oh so it's BABE now? LOL"
Then he tried to backhandedly compliment a little later in our conversation in which he called me "hot innocent girl =)" which I soo did not fall for hook, line, and sinker like he wanted me to. I told him he was sounding weird that day and asked him if he had any head injuries in the past few days.
Hit by a rock? BOOM then you're weird acting.
Living the life of LBB? BOOM you are always acting weird.
I told him that there was no way I could accept a compliment from him because of his boynextdooritis. Incurable disease it is. Stuck in the friend zone.
Then it was like he read my mind when he said
"haha i suffer from nice guy sindrum haha =)"
Which is true beyond belief. Perverted yet actually really nice and sweet inside is him.

Anyway, that's that. I would type more but my mom is on my case about staying on the computer too long. I would say "Boo you whore" to her but I settled with "I really don't want to do anything else besides this right now except maybe curl up in a small ball known as the fetal position and die. I'm exhausted from school." This was when she asked if I wanted to go to the garden of the house and pull random weeds out the ground. Oooh you sure do know how to kick back and have a fun time mom.

KessKUHsay? SayunFLURE. ZvahvoodrayunFLURE!
What is that? That is a flower. I would like a flower!
That's in French..
Too bad I have nobody to French with this Valentines' Day.

-That Girl, did you catch the pun?

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