Friday, September 4, 2009

How to say: Surprise.

"You're right. He has absolutely no scent. But guy's jackets are so much warmer than girl's jackets!" Me to my new friend who shall be known as MGFG-or Mini Guy's Friend Girl.
She's EBFF's old friend and a tomboy, shorter than me-I know I was in shock when I saw her height too-and she kids around with guys a lot. In guy ways, no flirty ways. But she stole the jacket of a guy I now like who I'll name LightBright, or LB because he wears bright t-shirts most of the time. But, in a non-gay way. He's a jock , but definitely a class clown too. I was cold today and took his jacket home with me.
And I won't lie. I loved it.

Dear Diary, (( 11:13 PM on Friday night, came back home late from EBFF's house because we were hanging out at her house after my cheer tryouts-which I think I totally BOMBED, but hey I could be wrong and the other girls could've been more suckish than me-and we talked on speakerphone to our new friend I'll name FunnyBone because he's hilarious and we asked him off the wall questions that made us keel over with laughter. We also made eggs and watched Family Feud plus a little bit of Spongebob Squarepants. ))

So-obviously-I've gotten over my little crush on Marly. It was purely platonic anyways. Wait, what's platonic again? I forgot. Like not completely true and in-depth or something, right? Like..lemme just look it up!
2.pertaining to, involving, or characterized by Platonic love as a striving toward love of spiritual or ideal beauty.
3.(usually lowercase) purely spiritual; free from sensual desire, esp. in a relationship between two persons of the opposite sex.
4.(usually lowercase) feeling or professing platonic love: He insisted that he was completely platonic in his admiration.

Well anyway, that's what platonic means and I guess I was wrong about what I just said.
Shove that back down!
I meant to say that my crush on him was purely...on the surface. I didn't really know his personality all that well, and I just saw what I wanted to see. The good 'ol facts, and not the bad ones.

I saw that he was:
o funny
o kind of cute
o sort of smart (honors algebra with me!)
o well liked
o popular but not conceited

However, I over looked certain things. Bad Qualities.
o not flirting with me, girls just crowd and adore him all the time
o kind of perverted (I know all guys are, but hey I don't wanna know about that stuff)
o looks sort of nerdy (though my new friend who I'll call Mindy, likes him and thinks he's hot. I just found out today and thank god I got over him 3 days ago or else I'd be really crushed!)
o swears more than I thought
o gets bored easily

See my problem with him now? Oh yeah, and he puts on Axe spray stuff every other day so he smells really great, but it's not overwelming. The girls in Drama class today were literally all over him-or more as his shirt-smelling his scent. He does smell good, I'll give him that.
Just another reason I don't like him: I hate having competition over a guy.
I'll throw in the towel before I get a black eye, if you know what I mean.

So, yes I like another guy now, his name is LightBright and he's really funny. Class clown, and slight jock. Average in looks, pretends to be slow but I know he's just doing it for show and it get the laughs, and he dresses in pretty bright clothes. MGFG stole his jacket and now I have it and I'm in love with it. It's warm and cute. It's some brand called Zoo York-he has like 9 shirts/sweaters that are that brand-and it's white with blue and purple and grey patterns on it.
As I was leaving the local small supermarket after school with my two new friends Mindy and CoolChicGeek, I saw two guys from my school. One jock, one class clown, both hanging together with 2 other guys that I don't know.

"Hey, so you're really a cheerleader That Girl?" said the jock.
"Yeah." I said a little quieter then necassary but that's only cuz the jock was my first crush in the entire world. Nice and Funny and Class Clown and President and Smart and Really Popular. I still get nervous around him.
"Hey, is that a guy's sweater there?" the jock was looking at the Zoo York sweater in my arms.
"Yes, it is." I said trying to avoid embarassment.
"Oooh! OHH!" said the 4 guys, or at least just the class clown and the jock, with their hands over their mouths and making that 'you just got dissed' or 'looks like someone got a guy/girl' sound.
My ears were red for the next 30 minutes. I could feel them all hot.

I had cheer practice all week, or more as just conditioning, since the actual tryouts were today, we learned the dances and cheers this week. I missed yesterday because I didn't feel like going. I was late today because I had to talk to my counseler about why my schedule was messed up and even though she gave me a totally different schedule, I'm just gonna continue my regular stuff. I love my classes because I know all the different people now. I'd hate to be the new stranger to the class, again.
The 2 girls I was with to show the cheer off, really sucked. I bet I did 2x as good as them even though I felt like I blew it, I might be wrong. They said they were looking for some kind of thing in them that could be helpful to the squad. Quick learners and people who try their very best, I once felt myself as one of those people until I actually went in front of them and forgot my whole thing.
One girl on the squad tried to help me out before, but I ended up forgeting the whole thing.

Well, it's 12:13, or actually 12:14 now. So, time to sleep. Tomorrow is "spend time with dad and brother day!"

Thank you and good night
-curtains fall and audience bursts into applause-

-That Girl, ready and willing for something big to happen.

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