Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mission to the heart

Let's plaaaay The Game of Lo[ooo]ve! I'm your host, That Girl, here to tour you around the arena of love. Featuring the... Heartbreak Woomper!, Romatic Getaways!, and your very own brand-new hand holding with all-inclusive makeout sessions! Cue fake ooh-ing sounds from a make-believe audience! Come on down and get your grooove thing on.

Dear Diary,

Ne-Yo once said,
that he was SO sick of love songs...
["So tired of tears. Said I'm so sick of love songs; so sad and slow. So why can't I turn off the radio?"]

I feel ya, Ne-Yo.
And I say amen to that, and I also say, "Hallelujah," "Praise Zeus, Athena, and all the other Greek gods named in the Disney take on Hercules," "You go girlfriend," and "OH YES."

Then again, one of his new hits is called Closer.
So you got So Sick followed by Closer.
(Ha-ha get it?
Closer? Followed by?
Sorry. That was my weird pun of the day.)


Anyway. Lately I've been think all about love.
It's something I've always wanted (Love outside the family of course...and no I don't mean it like THAT. I'm not into incestuous activity, but thanks for asking "bruh." By the way, I hate it when people say "bruh." How stereotypical football player/wanna-be skateboarder guy can you get? Although if one of them said "brother" like a priest would say, I would pretty much laugh out loud. Can you imagine?
Yo what's good brother?
It just does not go. It doesn't flow. And it doesn't do the tootsie roll.
Whatever the last analogy means.)

So. My question for you, Diary O Diary, is: how hard is it really to find love? Is it really that difficult, or do most people try to hard?
I like to refer to one of my favorite silly movies of all time:
Love Don't Cost a Thing.
The main character just wants to "shag" a girl (using Austin Powers lingo here, natch), but be popular most of all. He tries too hard to be cool and the "before" him reminds me so much of other geeky guys I see around my own high school.
But anyway.
I've devised a mission for this summer.
My mission is to find love. I don't know what rock Love is hiding under and which rock to lift up (there are SEVERAL rocks out there, if you know what I mean), but I'll use every trick in the book I know. This includes flirting and playing coy, being cute and endearing...I know how to do it because in the beginning of every school year I hype myself up for being in the Flirt Zone; and it works. Usually I just tire of it after the 4th month though. That's probably why I get all these guys crushing on me, but not being into me the way I'm into them. Freakin' Cupid!

Yes, I'll probably fail finding love and maybe I'll fail at getting a relationship; but I'll keep track of these failures and tell you my beloved Diary all about it. School's over in just a short 2 weeks which gives me enough time to prepare for such an overwhelmingly difficult endeavor.
Yeah, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but I'm not lying here!
I WILL strive for love this lucky summer of '010 and if not, I'll come out of it with experience in my heart and most of all: no regrets.
I like to reference the movie Never Been Kissed to this experiment, a movie I just watched while I typed this new post, giving me inspiration to carry out with this mission.
Mission Impossible. Mission Heartboard.
So, for more inspiration, I have just started the movie The Wedding Singer and I'm following along with the shows Tough Love Couples and The Millionaire Matchmaker.
Which, yeah, goes to show how single I am. Not that I couldn't accept those weirdos' "hanging out" invitations at any moment. I just wish that Cupid would strike me and a guy both, you know?
It seems to me, in all these incredible romantic-comedies, that if these people were completely shy and closed off, there would be no romance to report. Just the comedy.
And don't get me wrong, I love comedies, but without the romance, it's just not the same.
These people don't have regrets, and that's something I wish I could feel.
No regrets.
Hopefully I won't end up like this:

althoughh, that is actually one of the funniest scenes from a movie I've ever seen. Watch that shiz and enjoy it!

The rocket ship to the moon was nothing compared to this mission.
-That Girl, shooting for the Moon. Please let me land in the stars and not on top of a meteor heading 8900 mph towards planet Earth. That might hurt a little.

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