Monday, March 9, 2009

Simply Great Birthday.

Dear Diary,

My birthday this year was simply great.

So, yes it started out awkward like most parties do, but we ended up all having a blast.
The seating arrangements somehow, though I don't know how, worked out prefect.
Wonders of wonders, VZN ( I won't be defining that one, but he's a guy for the record ) called the night before, well okay, he gave me the number, asked me to call him, and insulted me because he's an idiot, and I called him and let him come. And he sat next to my MOM! Of course, neither minded much, but it's still kinda funny.

VZN came at 7:40, then CrackerJacker a bit later, and me at about 8:10, NowBrunette at about 8:14. MissGiggles was the one that gave us problemos though. She was like half an hour late and we we're about leave when she gave us a call and said "20 minutes" though we were starving and about to go eat at a buffet. I told my mom and we met up at the local pet store to pick her up. The four of us hardly fit in the back, but it worked and it was hilarious, the inside jokes are too many to count.

The buffet was wonderful, the chocolate machine exploded chocolate and that was really funny and we ate stuff, my friends loaded my face with makeup horribly, like oh-my-gosh-did-you-have-a-horrible-reaction- bad.

------------------ couldn't finish ^ yesterday.
My mom was right on my back yelling for me to go to sleep last night, but my homework took soo long to do! I guess you gotta pay for quality.

Lemme finish my birthday-day-party story before I talk about today.

So the makeup was incredibly funny, someone put blush on my eyes, my friends called them "hooker eyes" and I somehow got lipgloss mixed with a pale blush on my lips causing me to look like I had a terrible reaction to something, and I couldn't lick it off 'cause it tasted like, well, blush. Pretty funny. I had to wear the glasses MG gave me before, and they were pretty...unique glasses, Haha. My brother said I looked like a robot, which in my book, isn't necassarily a good thing.

We went to the boardwalk and had a blast then went back to the city. NB and VZN had to go to BigO's party after. Apparently, he only invited like 10 people. OF was there though she couldn't go to mine...hmm. And Sunshine and Apple went to some girl's party at a hotel which they said they were going to go to months before. Their loss!

That's about it.
Oh, NB threw up and I scrubbed the carpet in the car, did I mention that already?
Well, it was nast-Y.

Today. Let me start today's daily stuff.

Mood(s): Sparkling

Song(s) to describe my life: The Anthem by Good Charolette

Quote of the Day: "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" By-who knows?


Wait, NONO I'll make a new post for today, too much love today.

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